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My Story

"I created Boho Health Co. to  empower clients to take control of their health without feeling like they need to fit into a social category. The Bohemian lifestyle is all about doing things your own way and I think that's the perfect way to look at health."

Our Mission

At Boho Health Co.  the aim is to increase abundance in three main areas of health; emotional health, physical health, and financial health. I believe in simple solutions to complex problems. Health is viewed as a complex problem with many factors influencing each aspect of your health. Doctors and Nutritionists will give you lists of statistics and numbers that determine how "healthy" or "unhealthy" you are according to their charts and training. While these numbers all reflect true aspects of how your body is functioning, the real root of health is the way it makes you feel when you are healthy. That state of health is different for everyone. For too long our society has trusted the medical and health industry to tell them if they are healthy and we have forgotten to listen to our own bodies! Your doctor may have studied the body for 10+ years but YOU have studied YOUR body for much longer! There is no better expert on your own health than you yourself! My mission in creating Boho Health Co is to restore the power that every client was born with. Your doctors work for you, that is why we pay them, but you are the boss of your own health.